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Very well stated. What is he waiting for? A date on the calendar to pass? Take a look at the S&P 500 1 year chart for crying out loud. Aren't there any technicians at the Fed who understand the juncture that passed us this morning? This morning was the time to act and everyday that passes will have diminished return effects.


Benanke's first real crisis and he is not handling it very well.


It's really a choice between helping workers and helping savers, isn't it? They'll cut rates and the White House will pile on spending giveaways by the boatload soon. But you better tell Grandma to invest in Swiss Francs and gold, as the dollar tumbles and inflation rises.


I think he's doing great not being a wall street-whore anymore. Cutting rates will only prolong an inevitable downturn.



Just to be clear, we are not necessarily saying the Fed should be cutting rates aggressively. Rather, our point is that they should make a decision and get on with it. The market is under so much pressure because there is so much uncertainty between now and the end of January. For all the talk regarding this Fed's transparency, it's really anyone's guess as to what they are actually going to do.

Ben Bernanke

Thank you for your blog entry. Will will take it under consideration in our gradual process of taking decisive action.

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