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My previous prediction made in April 2007, was about SP 500 drop in October through December 2007 practically to its level one year ago, i.e. to the level observed in December 2006 plus 4%. Quantitatively, it should be in the range from 1440 to 1460, and was at 1468.
Yesterday morning, 09.01.2008, the index was below that I predicted for the end of January 2008. I think that this is just a fluc and it will recover to the predicted level of 1500 by the end of this month.
The rally has been started and continue its turbulent way back to 1500. No heavy clouds
at one year horizon. http://www.futuresboard.com/?ab=board&forum=1&board=2&thread=3616

So, do not panic. As it stays now, the return for January 2008 (from 10.01 to 31.01) will be around 6%. It is likely, however, that the index will have local minima due to natural fluctuations in current uncertain situation (for investors).

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