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Can you check the Nikkei performance in EUROS?


Ajay Jani

It may be worth double checking the figures. Using Bloomberg as a datasource, the ASX 200 index closed 2006 at 5,669.90 and the Euro closed 2006 at 1.3199. So in Euros, the ASX was priced at 4,295.70 (5669.90/1.3199).

At the end of 2007, the ASX was priced at 6,339.80 and the Euro was priced at 1.4590. This leaves the ASX price in Euros at 4,345.31. (6339.80/1.4590).

So in 2007, the ASX in Euros went from 4,295.70 to 4,345.31 which is a gain of 15.5%

Similar disparities can be seen in HK, where the market gained 39% in local currency terms while the HKD lost around 11% to the EUR, stilll leaving a nearly 30% gain in EUR terms.

Paul Hickey

Ajay and Bullion,

Thanks for pointing that out. The numbers have been updated.

Student Jake


r u sure ur calculations are right?

Rf = 0.2555

Hang seng in euro = 25,55 %

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