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Thank you for following up on my request. Much appreciated. I'm surprised that the Chinese bubble's duration isn't as long as I thought.

Mike George

Can you overlay the Japan bubble of 1990 too?


Appreciate the charts. Even though your comment about investors flocking from one bubble to another apples to Nasdaq and Homebuilders, I am not sure it applies to Shanghai market as Chinese markets are mostly limited to and driven by the Chinese, not US investors and the Fed who were responsible for the Nasdaq and Housing bubbles.


I went into Yahoo to get the Nikkei bubble in the eighties. Looks like it was a modest bubble compared, but with a much slower, painful death:



I think it's not fair to compare Shangai Composite with the other indexes. Only Chinese citizens can buy stocks in Shangai and they are not allowed to buy them elsewhere. May be they will in Hong Kong in a near future but we don't know yet.
Chinese citizens can only invest they money at 2.5% (much bellow inflation rate) in a savings account or go for stocks.
Shangai is a completely different stock exchange than everything else. We as a foreign people cannot invest in Shangai too, not even can we short that market.

By the way, can someone compare the "bubbles" with Hong Kong Hanseng index or any other Asian indexes?



This is a great analysis. This implies China will run through 2010. The real question: In 2011, what will bubble investors begin inflating?

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