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Ah, I'm missing something here. Vistors in one month of 2007 compared to the overall value of a company hardly seems like a good comparision. This doesn't account for growth or about 100 other variables. I know you said "For Fun", but come on.

Paul Hickey


Thanks for commenting. As ridiculous as it sounds, back in the late nineties, 'value per eyeball' was actually a valuation metric for internet stocks that analysts used and often quoted with a straight face. In no way are we saying that a certain stock is overvalued or undervalued based on this metric. We were just having fun with some of the mistakes of the past.


Yeh great point! I mean if you annualize the eyeballs the value per eyeball is dirt cheap! Long eyeballs!

Gosh, are we destined to repeat ourselves this soon? Wasn't it just 7 years ago we went through this? We now have 10s (100s) of mini specialized social networks running amok, doctors, lawyers, car buffs, people whose kids start with the letter D or L... can't wait to see these all go public - then we can be right back to 99. Cripes.

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