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Trent Baur

Try inelastic demand. Maybe the NYT went beyond the basic economics course.

C'mon, Bespoke, you're better than this kind of ignorant snarky posting.

Greg Feirman

Seriously, this could work. Some people have to have their paper NY Times. Their demand is inelastic like Trent wrote.

Paul Hickey

It's hard to say that demand is inelastic when circulation has been in decline for years now.


I think you might be confusing a shift in the demand curve down with price elasticity.

As the two previous commenters noted, demand from buyers is likely inelastic, but overall demand is shifting down. This is a basic profit maximization problem.

The shift in the demand curve inwards is just a reality of print media, not an elasticity issue.

F. Mills

This is why the Times supports liberals who believe that when revenues to the Treasury are down, it's time to raise taxes. Won't help. What really works is to lower taxes, people and business keep more, the economy grows, jobs increase, and revenues to the Treasury increase.

Adam Smith

Bespoke...I would pull this post before it undermines the perceived quality of the rest of your work...I'm a premium subscriber.

For f.mills and paul hickey I will spare your Walmart shopping Limabaugh listening brains all this confusing talk of "elasticity" and "shifting demand" and heaven forbid any math.....Would the New York Times be wise to raise its price to 1 billion if it could keep 100 subsribers?
Talk about a great demographic for ad sales!

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