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That should be played before every session of the House and Senate each day.


Classic! I wish I could see Phil's response.


Longer version which includes Phil's "response" - he pouts - is here.



Heh. Phil is obviously angry that he's being taken to school on his own national t.v. program, by a much smarter man.

Of course, Phil didn't learn a thing. He's a shrill leftist to this day. Still rich, though. I guess he wants to save the world with other people's money. Because...he's virtuous!

Bob Smith

He's right Countrywide, Lehman, and Bear et. al. all acted in their own self-interest and the taxpayers now pay the millions of bonus of others. In capitalism, the most fundamental building block is trust. Trust that mutual self-interests will work today. The greed of a few destroyed the system. Deal with it.

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