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You wrote that the charts show "the severity of the declines in home prices across the board."

Yet, your own 20-city composite shows current year-over-year price change at approximately minus 2%.

Is that "severe" ???

Paul Hickey

You are right. We meant to say, the "severity of the declines in home price appreciation across the board." The wording has been updated. Thanks.


This is a great chart. TFS, the leading CME housing options broker, broadcasts the TFS Housing Metrics sheet weekly that shows not only these changes, but also a chart of these "predictive" views. The housing traders change their views by as much as 5% for the forward year. It looks like it will be difficult for the housing futures forwards to change shape and become contango.


It would be interesting to plot this summary vs a number of economic indicators to see what the true correlations are for home appreciation (i.e. Feds funds rate, gdp growth, job growth, population growth, etc,)

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